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Our customer achievements mean our achievements

We are proudly presenting our services with wide range of experience in this field to the variety of business sectors. Providing best technical solutions that each business market needs. However, we customize it to fit your requirements.

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CRM Solutions

One Of The Key Success In Any Call Center Is The Customer Relation Management(CRM).

The Organization Can Maintain Their Customers’ Data In One Place. By This,

The Organization Can Manage And Analyze The Customers’ Interactions.

We Provide:
  • Customizable Interface Based On Each Organization Needs.
  • Integration Between CRM System To Any Other Systems To Speed Up And Accurate Work.
  • All Required Configurations, Implementations, And Supports.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital transformation in the industry provides an opportunity to combine practices and ways of doing that result in new techniques, skills and sources of income.

Here are some of its key benefits:
  • It reduces costs as a result of time savings in processes.
  • It decentralizes production by facilitating mobility and remote communication.
  • It improves operational efficiency and productivity.
  • It opens the door to new business opportunities and revenue streams, enabling the creation of new products and services.
  • It increases the speed of response to changes in demand in the market.
  • It generates a competitive advantage for the company by being able to enhance the quality of the products manufactured.
  • It drives the culture of innovation, preparing the company to anticipate any disruption.
  • It improves integration and internal collaboration by facilitating communication between departments.
  • It empowers decision-making by deepening data analysis (Big Data).
  • It attracts new talent, fostering the recognition of systems and awakening the interest of specialized professionals.

Hadef CX Solutions

At Hadef, we help companies engage their customers and improve their experience over the different digital channels such as voice, email, chat, Bot and social media.

We support them in setting their strategy, building their customer service center, offering the right technology and tools, and operating these contact centers.

Our Customer Experience Solutions include:


Business Analytics

Analyzing the business requirement is the key to enhance the organization work. Based on our experience, we have the skills and best practices solutions in order to drive business plans.

Digital Transformation

Today, digital transformation is not an option;
it is necessary to escape the comfort zone, reinvent themselves and compete in this world overrun by technological advances.
Embrace the digital transformation with HADEF.


With the breakthrough technologies, the integration between systems is part of this achievement. Our team is able to integrate systems.


Hadef IT Development Team has a very consolidated development experience in Software, Web, and Mobile app development.


Hadef IT Provides All Type Of VoIP Devices Such As IP Telephony, Headsets, VOIP Gateways, Etc.

Expert Consultancy

Hadef’s IT consulting services transform information needs into business outcomes.

Its consultants' team provides answers to organizations requiring technical expertise on demand.

This makes our hearts beat faster every day

There are many reasons why our partners and customers love to work with us
First of all, we would like to thank you for your amazing performance in Arco project which is effect our partnership with Al Hadef Co. so we expand our partnership and having a real success story with you, and please allow me to reframing our partnership description Al Hadef not only service provider al Hadef is your consultant who drive you to achieve your target , Al Hadef is a real success partner.
Othman Aqeel, Director - Customer Service. At Arco Human Resources
Hadef is one of the best support companies I have ever dealt with. There are always quick solutions and an excellent response. I dealt with Eng. Hussein and the Eng. Ali for nearly 3 years, of the best people in dealing and quick thinking. They have a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements of companies, especially CRM, and how the best project works.
Hanouf Rajeh, Customer Experience Manager. At Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Co. - Naghi & Sons
We have always had a thoroughly positive experience with Hadef IT. Hussein and the team are extremely helpful and what we appreciate the most, is their prompt response or help for every question or issue that we have. They also demonstrate a very high level of expertise and will provide excellent training for the programmes they support. Superb service all round and we would highly recommend.
Jonathan Stockman, Reservations Manager. At MJS Holding
My feedback regarding the support I am currently receiving from all the Hadef members cannot be anything but positive. Everytime I had any type of issue, the response was always very prompt, professional and accurate. The most important thing is that I can rely on the entire team even for last minute, urgent requests and I know I should not worry that the system will be ready for the opening times.
Irina Butuc, Reservation Center Manager. At Modern Food Company

تعاملنا مع الهادف كان من أفضل القرارات الاستراتيجية التي قمنا بها في سعينا الحثيث للارتقاء بالخدمات المقدمة لعملائنا ،

احترافية و مصداقية و شفافية في التعامل ، دعم فني مستمر و حلول متاحة دائماً

متميزون بعملهم الجماعي لتحقيق الاهداف المشتركة بيننا ..

شكراً الهادف

أمل العمودي، مديرة مركز خدمة العملاء ، الجميح للسيارات

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    Why Hadef IT. ?

    • A team with +17 years of experience in Customer Experience.
    • Hadef IT, has been awarded “Genesys Cloud Rising Star” for four consecutive years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.
    • Hadef holds the record of the first Genesys cloud implementation outside North of America.
    • Hadef holds the largest Genesys partner in terms of implementing Genesys Cloud projects in the Middle East.
    • +35 Genesys Cloud projects with +500 agent Seats
    • +47 Genesys On-Premises projects with +4500 agent seats

    How much will it cost?

    Cost depends on many factors, Cloud or On-Prem, No. of agents, Features required, and other factors.

    Please schedule a meeting from this link to discuss your requirements.

    How Can I request a demo?

    Please schedule a Demo from this link.

    What The Best Solution To Have?

    Hadef IT will help you select the best solution that matches your needs.

    Please schedule a meeting from this link to discuss your requirements.

    What are the development services Hadef provides?

    Hadef IT Development Team has a very consolidated development experience in Software, Web, and Mobile app development.

    Please schedule a meeting from this link to discuss your requirements.

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